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Bear Down So Hard: A Game Pick Straight From Chicago

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Coach Mike Ditka, Bears quarterback Ted Bagent and his championship winning arm wrestling father’s diet for the week: extra hot, dipped italian beef from Johnnie’s, char dogs from Wiener Circle with the nuclear waste colored relish, Pequod’s deep dish extra sausage extra cheese, Maxwell House's Polish grilled onions; yellow mustard and sport peppers (hold the ketchup you pansies) are all stronger options than the Chargers defense.

Da Bears win tirty' tree to five.

I hear Stan Kroenke is so cheap that he won't lay down the good Lord's natural grass for the World Cup in 2026. Huge travesty! But as Coach Ditka would say, "If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn’t have given us arms."


Abe Sexson is a proud Greek American who immigrated from Athens in 2008 just in time for a recession. Abe resides in Chicago and knows the best places around town to find a great Polish hash.

He contributes as one of the 'Greek Uncles from Chicago.' At the time of this publication, Rivers Lake Yacht Club has no knowledge if Abe has actually put any real money on the Chicago Bears Sunday night game against the Chargers. Abe was forced to retire his Julius Peppers jersey in 2012 after the paint had completely peeled off in the dryer.

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