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Fire Staley-Cocktail Recipe

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

After 2 weeks of crushingly close losses, it's time to reconsider everything--including the Last Word as a cocktail mixing template.

This original Yacht Party Starter is strong enough to ensure guests are completely uninhibited, so make sure to plan accordingly. The blood red color of this potent potable will affirm the most reckless attitudes of the Chargers fans in your life. So mix one up, sip it fast, and fire everyone!

A close up of the Fire Staley in a classic coupe

The Fire Staley

Serves one (1) Captain or four (4) Crew


  • Plantation 5 yr Barbados Rum 2 oz

  • Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Rum 2 oz

  • Yellow Chartreuse 2 oz

  • Campari 2 oz

  • Crème de Banane 2 oz

  • Clement Creole Shrub 2 oz

  • Grand Marnier 2 oz

  • Lime Juice 4oz


Combine all ingredients in a weighted Boston shaker

Add one large ice cube and one crushed ice cube

Shake vigorously for 30 seconds

Serve in a chilled Coupe glass

Garnish with angst or a lemon twist

Lock all windows and block exits especially balconies

Tasting notes



Fruity and slightly tart


Possibly too complex

A red cocktail in a coupe surrounded by liquor bottles and a captain's hat
The Fire Staley and some of its essential ingredients


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Dominic Mucciacito
Dominic Mucciacito
Nov 21, 2023

Fire Norv!


Danik Thomas
Danik Thomas
Oct 19, 2023

This drink certainly looks like it will bring your defenses down.

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