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Let Russ Stew: Broncos Chargers Preview

Quarterback Russell Wilson has played well enough of late that Denver fans must have assumed a playoff berth was incoming. What a story that would be: ‘aging Super Bowl champion who the team partially mortgaged their future to acquire finally starts to deliver, once aging Super Bowl champion coach arrives and starts knocking heads together.’

A sad individual
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Ringer Illustration

Oh well, the money isn’t working out: Wilson has been benched. You read that right. Perhaps the old saying fits: “the fattest pigs are first to the slaughter.”

It’s hard to pity any AFC West team, and even harder to pick against the Broncos at home in thin atmosphere. Even with a backup quarterback. On to the Broncos Chargers preview!

The Giff Smith Chargers shot their load last week against the Bills, coming up short and firing Sebastian Joseph-Day (for reasons still mysterious). This week the Bolts prove who they really are, which is “better than they showed at Las Vegas, but not as focused and intense as they were against Buffalo at home.”

If this prediction is wrong and the Chargers come to play, then the narrative will shift to “why wasn’t Smith promoted sooner?” Can’t wait.

Prediction: Broncos 17-Chargers 13

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