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How Week 15 Shook Up the NFL Playoff Picture: Winners and Losers from Every Game

Week 15 was an eventful week in the NFL, with some teams experiencing crushing defeats and others coming out on top in close matches.

The Chargers faced an absolute beatdown against the Raiders, trailing 42-0 at halftime and eventually losing the game 63-21. Notable plays in the game included fumbled touchdowns, interception touchdowns, and a remarkable pick-six. As a result of the loss, Tom Tesco and Brandon Staley are out, indicating a change in head coaching and GM for the team.

Jake Browning led the Bengals to a win in overtime against the Vikings, marking his third win in the last four starts. This is a significant feat considering he had been cut three times by the Vikings in the past. The Bengals are a potential playoff threat and have historical references to Boomer Esiason in 1984.

The Colts secured a 30-13 victory over the Steelers, extending their impressive streak to winning five of the last six games. Shane Styken, the coach for the Colts, is a strong candidate for Coach of the Year, especially after being let go by the Chargers in 2020.

Under Dan Campbell, the Lions beat the Broncos convincingly with Jared Goff scoring five touchdowns. Dan Campbell is seen as a stabilizing force for the franchise, and Ben Johnson leaving for a head coaching job may introduce uncertainties for the team.

The Saints dominated the game, sacking the Giants seven times and scoring three passing touchdowns with Derek Carr. The Browns secured a close win against the Bears, and the Panthers won an ugly game against the Falcons in challenging conditions.

Baker Mayfield led the Buccaneers to victory over the Packers, keeping them in the race for the abysmal NFC South title. The Dolphins dominated the Jets, but the owner's attempt at the "Wadd Dance" was awkward and panned by viewers.

The Chiefs beat the Patriots, with Rashod Rice breaking the rookie receiving record for the Chiefs. Texans beat the Titans in overtime, with Devin Singletary's key plays setting up the winning field goal.

49ers dominated the Cardinals, securing the NFC West championship and labeling them the best team in the NFL. Rams beat the Commanders, staying in the playoff race with four wins in the last five games. The Bills defeated the Cowboys, continuing the Cowboys' trend of falling apart when it matters.

Ravens clinched a playoff spot by beating the Jaguars, while the Eagles suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Seahawks. The Eagles' decision to promote Matt Patricia to defensive coordinator was criticized as a bad look.

In week 15 of the NFL season, some teams secured their playoff spots while others are still fighting for a chance. Heading into week 16, many teams' playoff fate is still up in the air.

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